The Study of Forgiveness
Understanding Forgiveness: The Freedom, the Power, and the Puzzles

This study covers fourteen different aspects of forgiveness found in the Bible in order to equip Christians and to help them understand how to forgive others just as God in Christ has forgiven them (Ephesians 4:32).
The study helps believers find the Bible’s answers to questions like:
  • What is forgiveness?
  • How has God, in Christ, forgiven believers?
  •  What is the goal of forgiveness?
  • Is all forgiveness conditional or unconditional?
  • How often should I forgive my brother?
  •  What about repeat offenders?  
  • What is true repentance and confession?
  • Are there some sins I should confront and others I should cover?
  • Is it possible to forgive and forget? Do I need to forgive God?  
  • What about forgiving myself?
  • Can I forgive someone and then not have anything to do with them?  
  • How should I approach someone who sins against me or someone else?  
  • Do believers still need forgiveness?
  • What is the unforgivable sin? 

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Part 1, Forgive & Forget
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 2, First Step of Reconciliation
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 3, Horizontal & Vertical
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 4, A Tentative Rebuke
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 5, Confront or Cover
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 6, Repeat Offenders
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 7, Forgiveness & Unbelievers
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 8, True Repentance
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 9, God's Forgiveness
Dave Wolfe 

Part 10, Forgiving Yourself
Pastor Fred Perry 

Part 11, Forgiving God
Pastor Fred Perry